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"I've been a tenant since 2009 and have had a wonderful experience with Savard Properties.  They have provided me with a great place to live, and have continued to make it better. We've undergone many house updates and upgrades, from appliances to flooring and even some portions of the house have been rebuilt for us.  I've lived here as long as I have because it's been one of the best renting experiences I've had and I'm quite happy" - C Gronlie, tenant for 10 years, current tenant.

"For several years, I rented a Calgary house from Savard Properties.  The Savards were excellent landlords; the only reason I am no longer a tenant is that I bought a townhouse.  I can say that I found the Savards to be considerate and fair, repairs were done promptly and well, and I felt appreciated as a tenant. " - H Barker, tenant for 4 years

"During our time renting from Savard Properties my wife and I found John and Miren to be outstanding landlords. We were always dealt with fairly and problems were handled quickly and professionally. Interactions with various staff were cordial. We would highly recommend Savard Properties." - T. Wilcox, tenant for 2 years

"We truly enjoyed having John and Miren as our landlords.  They are very friendly, and personable. They are very welcoming.  Any problems are fixed in no time at all. You can't go wrong renting from them." - T. and M. Nelson, tenant for 2 years.

"I have to say, you are the best landlord I have ever had. Thank you again." - J. Mann, tenant for 3 years

"Excellent landlords, no complaints whatsoever." - S Paterson, tenant for 1 year 

"I am more than happy [with the services of Savard Properties]! Once again you are wonderful landlords and we are very appreciative on how helpful and informative you are. Thank you so much." "You guys go above and beyond, in our opinion" - J Gronlie, tenant for 6 years

"Miren and her staff are really great and friendly to us. They are reliable and efficient in terms of if there are any problems regarding with the appliances included in the house and whatever need to be fixed. If you are not being responsible in maintaining the house, they always reminds us what we should do.  They've been really great to us and I'm happy to live in a place like this where everything is being taken care of and everybody is really nice, professional, efficient and responsible in making my family have a really great experience living in a place we can call home. Thank you so much to Miren Savard and her company for everything." - L Gascon, tenant for 2 1/2 years

"Best landlords I've ever had. Responsive, quick, understanding." - N Yaskiw, tenant for 1 year

"Savard Properties is a professional organization and always there to listen to any issues or concerns you may encounter. Response time is quick." - I Singh, tenant for 2 years

"Landlords actually listen to what you have to say" - L McCharles and J Hayes, tenant for 1 year

"I have not rented a property for over 25 years... and moving to Calgary... Hearing scary stories... I was reluctant to rent.  Well on my move in day, the place was spotless.  There was a plumbing incident 2 months into renting, which can happen, and within 10 minutes, there was somebody there. Some landlords would not bother. Little things like a gift certificate to say thank you from the landlord, all make for a pleasant experience.  Another example there was a small issue with the neighbor, which was dealt with promptly... I do not recommend easily, but Savard gets a thumbs up from me... Thank you for being amazing landlords." - S Kopke, current tenant

"After having dealt with some bad companies in the past, I was really leery to start renting with another company. I can say that I was very pleasantly surprised by Savard. When we had problems, with our washing machine, our complaints were dealt with very quickly and reasonably.  When we had a sudden tenant dispute and someone left, the company was very quick to re-assess us and change the lease to make everything work. Renting here has really changed my mind about rental companies, or at least this one." - A Valberg, tenant for 1 year

"Having known Miren, her business and staff for over a year, there is only positive that I can say about her ethics, integrity and reliability in Residential Properties management. Not only I can personally speak up for Miren's high standards of business conduct, but also only heard positive feedback from other people who have dealt with her. The company's approach is very professional, always consistent, and very attentive - keeping in mind details that other companies could have disregarded. Miren and her staff are very reasonable and do not hesitate to go the extra mile for their customers when providing the services. It's a pleasure to be working with her." - L Troyanovska, current tenant

"I am also grateful and you are the best landlords out there." - S Kopke, tenant for 6 years, current tenant

"I rent this the main floor in a split level duplex, there are two of us living here, myself and my elderly mother, and we have been residents for roughly a year and a half now.
We've been renting all of my life, and all my mother's adult life, which consists of roughly forty years on my part and nearly fifty on my mother's. Between us, we've had well over a dozen landlords in that time, and overall, as many other renters can attest to, the majority have not been...impressive, to say the least. At best, you can generally hope for 'adequate', in both personal and professional relationships between renters and landlords.
This makes the fact that I'm writing a *positive* review for a landlord, and a property manager, (so technically two reviews in one), rather exceptional, as I'm sure anyone reading this site would attest.
This property is owned by Savard Properties, a family-owned entity that owns and rents a number of residential properties within the Calgary area. The property manager is a very professional and friendly woman named Amy (as can be found on their website), with whom we've had virtually all our interactions with the company/landlord relationship.
The property was in excellent shape when we moved in, having been freshly lightly renovated, and the small number of maintenance/major appliance issues we've had since then have been resolved in both a swift and absolutely exceptional manner, with the property manager employing a number of very professional contractors to fix or replacement the affected issues quickly and without either complaint or an increase in the rent. Again, anyone that rents will be recognizing as they read this just how exceptional this makes them, as landlords go.
At the same time, they have been as minimally intrusive as can be expected, and the bi-annual inspections (during which time they also replace furnace filters for free and are receptive to any non-emergency maintenance issues the tenant may have to voice to them) have been carried out in a friendly and non-invasive manner.
All told, this has been, hands-down, the most positive and fulfilling landlord/tenant relationship either I or my mother have ever experienced, and, based upon said experience, I would highly recommend Savard Properties as a landlord for any other renters in the Calgary area."   E Martin - tenant for 1 year     Click Here