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I have two pets. Do I have to pay $50/month per pet?
No. It is $50/month for both pets.

I have a hamster/fish. Do I have to pay $50/month for it?
No. The fee of $50/month is only for un-caged animals, such as dogs and cats.

What kinds of pets do you allow?
We allow all caged animals, cats and small-medium sized dogs (below your knee).

Does the increase in rent cover damages made by my pet?
No. It is an increase in rent to have the pet. Damages caused by the pet will be charged to the tenant separately.

Do you allow smoking?
All are units are strictly NON-SMOKING. However, you can smoke outside the house, as long as you do not litter or blow the smoke into the house.

I have a baby/young child or am pregnant. Do you allow small children?
Yes, we allow small children and/or pregnant women. We believe that if the tenant is a responsible and considerate individual, noise from babies and/or small children will be manageable.

If I do not have credit history, can I still be approved?
Yes. If you have valid reasons not to have credit history, i.e. you are a new immigrant, we will take those factors into consideration.

Can I apply without viewing the unit?
Yes, you may apply without viewing the unit.  Just fill in the application form in the tenant application form tab.  Just be aware that YOU are taking the risk of you do not liking the place when you see it for yourself.  The responsiblity will not be ours.  If we accept the deposit against first month's rent from you and reserve the place for you, and you dont move in, the deposit is forfeited.  However, having tenants apply from out of town, is not uncommon.  We have had several tenants take the place sight unseen, and we have not experienced anyone dissappointed yet.  Just be aware that the risk is yours to take.